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Quartz Countertops - Quality Granite and Cabinetry

Quartz countertops are a manufactured stone that is becoming immensely popular in kitchen and bath design in NH MA ME VT.

There are many benefits to choosing quartz as a countertop material. Because it is manufactured stone there is a lot of control during production and because pigment can be added, it is available in a much wider range of colors for you to consider. The way the countertop material is formulated gives it the appearance of natural stone such as granite or marble.. Most of the beautiful white marble looking countertops you see being installed today look like marble but are in fact quartz. 


Popular Quartz Countertops


We also carry many brands of quartz so your options are almost limitless

Benefits of Quartz Countertops

The most beneficial quality of quartz is that it is non-porous and does not have to be sealed. This means you can have those beautiful white countertops without worrying about staining and maintenance. However, quartz is not heat resistant and you should never expose it to extreme temperatures. The resin used in manufacturing quartz countertops is a plastic, so it is prone to melting in heat above 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Ask our sales staff about quartz and its benefits to see if it is suitable for your project.

Compare to other natural and man-made stones

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