Quality Granite & Cabinetry Provides Quality Countertops and cabinets at an Affordable Price. Located in Concord New Hampshire and supplying quality countertops to New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts. We have even gone to New York and Connecticut for some projects.

The Custom Countertops Process

Design Consultation

Our Staff will assist you to bring to life the perfect countertops for you. With over 20 years experience providing custom Countertops to New hampshire residence you are assured to have the kitchen bathroom or fireplace of your dreams

Stone Selection

Our Onsite stone selection in concord NH as well as our connections at many of the areas distributors enables us to provide endless possibilities of products for material selection for your custom countertops.

Granite Countertops: The natural Beauty of granite is unmatched and the fact that every slab is unique adds to the mystique of this material for your specific application. Granite Countertops are among the most durable material for home kitchens and for many commercial applications.

Quartz Countertops: Have come a long ways and provide a visual appeal that mimic the qualities of natural stone and due to the manufacturing process create a surface that is virtually maintenance free. These materials also can come with warranties that are not available with natural products.

Marble Countertops: Marble has been a staple for 1000’s of years because if its ability to stand up to the elements. For kitchens it has become less desirable due to the tendency for it to etch with acids and can scratch easier than granite’s or quartz material. But the natural beauty of marble and the pure colors and forms is unmatched. Bathroom are a common and practical place for marbles as well as for use as accents in areas that don’t see the wear and tear of the kitchen.

Other materials: such as soapstone, onyx and others all have practical applications to meet certain conditions.


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On Site Template

Templating the countertops is an important step to ensure accuracy of the end product. Our stone templater will visit your location and is able to evaluate the installation process and any concerns as well as address any issues that can be addressed prior to installation. They will create a template of the countertops that will be then transposed on to the selected material for your new custom countertops. Be sure that all appliances and facets are on site for templating. This ensures that the entire process goes smoothly.

Custom Stone Fabrication

Once we have received the templates back at the shop we begin the fabrication process at our fabrication facility in concord NH. Our stone craftsman transpose the template onto the selected material and begin to shape your countertops from the slab material. These specialist handle the material and construct the countertop to the exact specifications. they cut out sink wholes and manufacture the various piece to complete the project. Careful consideration is taken to where seams are placed if required based on on material size, installation concerns and kitchen layout considerations.

Custom Countertop Installation

Our installation specialist have years of experience providing quality installation. This heavy material will be brought into your home and placed on your cabinets with care. They place the material in such a way that they are able to bring the kitchen to life with the new countertops. If a seam is required, the installation crew specialize in seam matching to ensure the most invisible of application. If a sink is supplied they use various fastener and epoxy material to ensure a solid fit of your kitchen or vanity sink bowls.

Your New Countertops Are In!

Congratulations on your new Custom Countertops. The installers will Clean the surface and apply a sealer application that you will want to let dry for 24 hrs. Typically you can use the top immediately after install with normal sealer applications.

Natural Stone Maintenance

Annual Sealing: Depending on the material that you select and the sealing product you wish to use follow those instructions. Test Sealing products in an area that is less noticeable to ensure your satisfaction with the product. Typically sealing is done annually and can be used withing 24 hours after sealing. The idea is to let the sealing product dry after application. Follow the instructions of the product that you choose.

Daily cleaners: Choose a product that you like. Basically something that is none abrasive and does not contain ammonia or acids that could remove the sealer. Great new products exist today that clean and seal so no need for annual sealing.

Engineers Stone maintenance

These surfaces are virtually maintenance free. Because the surface is void of any fissures cracks or pours sealing application are not required. You will want to be sure that you use a cleaning product that will not affect the surface.

Daily cleaning: Check cleaning product instruction for recommended uses. You want to be sure that the cleaning products that you use do not contain substances that can effect the surface.


It was a pleasure working with you!
Enjoy your new Countertops from Quality Granite And Cabinetry!

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